An employee of Curative cleans the front of a COVID-19 testing kiosk, Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, on the Quad in between Flowers Hall and Evans. Testing is free and administered individually. Participants will produce a cough as well as perform a throat swab on themselves to give to operators.

A free COVID-19 testing center opened Sep. 28 on the Quad for all students, faculty and staff.

The testing center performs free oral swab tests with results returning in 24-48 hours and is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with an hour break for employee lunch around 1 p.m. The center held mandatory testing for students and faculty affiliated with Texas State athletics Sept. 29.

The station is operated by Curative Inc., an organization contracted by the Texas Department of Emergency Management. Curative is partnering with numerous universities, cities, and counties around the state to provide testing to high traffic areas and vulnerable populations.

Luis Espinoza, the current head of the San Marcos testing site, says the testing capacity depends on the demand from those seeking to get tested.

“[Sept. 28] we probably had about 60 to 70, [Sept. 29] we had I believe three full sports teams within a matter of two hours,” Espinoza said. “That's about 100 tests right there. I believe with the sports teams, some of them I spoke to said they were mandated to [get tested]"

For additional information about the free testing site and to pre-register for a test, visit the COVID-19 testing kiosk website.

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