People wait in line to receive the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, Friday, March 11, 2021, at San Marcos High School.

Beginning March 29 all adults will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Texas, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) announced March 23. 

The DSHS anticipates vaccine supplies will increase by next week. Vaccine providers are encouraged by the DSHS to prioritize those 80 years old or older when scheduling vaccination appointments. 

The DSHS will launch a registration website next week for individuals to sign up for a vaccination through select public health care providers. A toll-free number will be available for those unable to access the online registration. 

Hays County Health Department Director Tammy Crumley says in a press release the county will continue to operate vaccine appointments via its pre-registration list

All vaccine doses in the county will be allocated by appointment only. An email, text and/or phone call will be sent to those on the county's pre-registration list with their appointment information. 

The Texas Public Health Vaccine Scheduler will provide the public with information regarding upcoming vaccine clinics by DSHS or local health departments. Information on clinic openings and appointment availability will be made available. 

For more information visit the Texas Department of State Health Services website

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