A breakfast classic with a Texan twist, crispy chicken benedict is offered at all Kerbey Lane locations. The popular chain restaurant was established in 1980 and was set to bring its famous 24/7 breakfast menu to San Marcos this summer.

Austin-based restaurant Kerbey Lane delayed opening its San Marcos location due to rising concerns of COVID-19.

The popular chain restaurant established in 1980 was set to bring its famous 24/7 breakfast menu to 221 E Sessom Dr this summer. The San Marcos location would have been Kerbey Lane’s ninth installment and the second located outside Austin.

Ellen Gruber, marketing manager for Kerbey Lane, said the company was in the process of hiring a general contractor when COVID-19 forced them to pause any plans.

For the time being, Gruber said Kerbey Lane’s main priority is to focus on their Austin locations in order to fund projects like the San Marcos location.

“In [Kerbey Lane’s] growth plans, San Marcos is the next [location] to be opened,” Gruber said. “I don’t know if people who aren’t in the restaurant industry know how badly affected we were from this situation. Across Texas, I can [pretty] confidently say our restaurants are operating within 60% of what we did normally, which is a big chunk of change.”

Gruber said the San Marcos location has an estimated 12 weeks left of remodeling; during the latter part of that time, the restaurant will hire cooks and team members to join the Kerbey Lane family.

Gruber said although there is a delay in opening, she is excited for San Marcos residents and students to enjoy the food that has been an emblem to the Austin community for nearly 40 years.

“[Texas State] wanted us to be there, and the people of San Marcos definitely asked us to come,” Gruber said. “It is nice to be in a position to be wanted in a new location.”

There is no set time or date for when Kerbey Lane’s San Marcos location will open.

For more information and updates visit Kerbey Lane’s Website.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said Kerbey Lane’s San Marcos location would have been the franchise’s first location outside of Austin. The first location outside of Austin is Kerbey Lane’s Round Rock location. We apologize for the error and have since corrected it. 

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