The Texas primary, concurrent with 13 other Super Tuesday states, is slated for Tuesday, March 3. National, state-wide and local offices will be on the ballot.

Fifteen San Marcos locations were approved by the Hay County Commissioners Court for the March 3 primaries, totaling 36 polling locations for the county. Polling locations will be open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Hays County voters will be able to vote at any polling location in the county following the approval of countywide polling by the Texas Secretary of State’s Office Dec. 31, 2019.

Despite past pushes to remove Texas State’s LBJ Student Center as a polling location, it will be available for Election Day voting.

This year’s elections will include federal, state and county races for both the Democratic and Republican primaries. Races like U.S president, U.S senator, U.S representative, state senator, state supreme court justice, railroad commissioner, county commissioner and Hays county sheriff will all appear on Tuesday’s ballot.

Currently, voters can view a Democratic and Republican sample ballot online which lists what races and candidates they can expect to see before they vote.

vaild photo identification is needed to vote. In Texas, there are seven acceptable forms: a valid Texas driver’s license, Texas personal identification card, Texas election identification certificate, Texas handgun license, U.S. citizenship certificate, U.S. passport or a United States military identification card, all of which must include the voter’s photo.

Voters who do not have a valid form of identification and cannot obtain one can sign a Reasonable Impediment Declaration and instead present a supporting identification that will allow them to cast a regular ballot.

Forms of acceptable supporting identification are a government document, government paycheck, current utility bill or U.S state or territory birth certificate.

The deadline to register to vote for next week’s election has already passed, however, those who are unregistered and are inclined to vote in the November general election still have until Oct. 5 to register.

To officially register, a voter registration application must be given to the Hays County Voter Registrar either in-person or by mail.

The full list of Hays County polling locations are available for viewing here.

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