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Hays County released cumulative but unofficial results from the May 2021 general election on May 1. 

With early voting set to end this week, Texas State's campus polling location at the Performing Arts Center reported 525 new early voters and 20 provisional ballots cast Oct. 28.

A total of 6,131 voters cast ballots at the PAC since early voting began Oct. 13. Additionally, 231 provisional ballots have been turned in.

Provisional ballots are ballots cast when a voter's eligibility is in question, such as when a voter has an incorrect address due to moving near the voter registration deadline. If these ballots are later considered ineligible, they will not be counted.

The same day, Hays County, after recently surpassing its total 2016 voter turnout, reported 3,877 new in-person voters and 227 new mail-in ballots, totaling 86,639 early voters since Oct. 13.

The PAC will be open to early voters from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. until early voting ends Oct. 30 and on Election Day Nov. 3.

To reach the PAC via Bobcat Shuttle during early voting and on Election Day, use the Lantana bus stop on the route 14 Campus Loop shuttle or the route 20 Aquarena Springs shuttle. For more information on campus shuttle services, visit the Bobcat Shuttle webpage.

Edward Gary Street garage can be used for parking during early voting and on Election Day. If proof of voting and an Edward Gary Street parking garage entry ticket are shown to university staff at the PAC, a free parking voucher will be provided.

For voting locations and times in San Marcos, visit Texas State's voter information webpage. To view approximate wait times at early voting locations in Hays County, visit the county's current elections website. For a detailed guide to the 2020 election including COVID-19 safety, mail-in ballots and sample ballots, visit The University Star's voter guide.

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