Texas State dance senior Alexus Galeana rehearses for the BFA performance and choreography showcase concert titled "Introspective," Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022 at the Jowers Center.

'Cats Walk is a weekly segment that will highlight Texas State students. Each week, Web Editor Monica Vargas will talk to a different Bobcat about school, self-love and Texas State.

For this segment, Monica interviewed dance senior Alexus Galeana who has a concentration in performance and choreography. Alexus will be performing in this year's BFA performance and choreography showcase concert titled "Introspective," from Nov. 11-12 at Evans Auditorium.

Vargas: How long have you been dancing?

Alexus Galeana: Once I started walking, not too long after I started to dance. I started when I was about three years young. That being said, I have been dancing my entire life. I knew this was going to be what I commit to the rest of my life and make this my career.

Vargas: Are your parents involved in dancing since you started so young?

Alexus Galeana: Well, my mom did take dance in her adolescent age, then not too long after, changed into marching band instead. When she realized and visually saw dancing was a passion of mine. She placed me in the best dance schools to start sharpening my skills and diversify my talents in dance and performing arts.

My mom loves and supports me and my dream of dancing and modern performing arts to the point she worked extra jobs and would even donate plasma to make sure I was able to attend my dance classes. That’s how much commitment we both had for me to be in dancing and performing arts.

Vargas: Have you been in the dance and performing arts program all four years you have been at Texas State?

Alexus Galeana: I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas, and when I was in high school I already knew I wanted to attend college and continue to pursue my career in dance.

When I was in high school I auditioned to come to the Texas State BFA Dance Program. You can audition anytime. I already knew this was where I wanted to attend.

Being in this field my entire life, in general, it's typically very competitive. Surprisingly, when I came to this program it was completely opposite of what most people would expect. I found my awesome mentors and dance family. They are so supportive in multiple ways, I found my dance best friends, and very much appreciate all the professional support they offer here at Texas State.

Vargas: Tell me three things you love about yourself.

Alexus Galeana: I love when I'm able to pick people up when they are having a bad day. I love that I am very compassionate. I love my determination. You definitely need that in dance.

Vargas: What is your dream after you graduate here at TXST Program?

Alexus Galeana: To be in companies like Noble Motion, Body Traffic or Bruce Wood Dance Company. To have a studio, and give back to the dance community while traveling the nations to dance.

Vargas: What is your favorite music when you are not dancing?

Alexus Galeana: The song "Grey" by Ani DiFranco.

Vargas: Is there anything you would like to share with the public or anyone who is going to pursue performing arts? Do you have any advice?

Alexus Galeana: These may come off bold, but they're all truths. Things won’t happen for you until you are your true authentic self. Most people put on masks and facades and focus on their egos in the arts. Use your body as an instrument, your movements as therapy and [tell a story] through dance. Be your true self.

Alexus Galeana's Instagram: @alexus.gia.

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