Recyclable tin cans and scrap metal at Green Guy Recycling. Photo courtesy of Green Guy Recycling.

The City of San Marcos and Texas State have partnered to create a donation program, Bobcats Give Back, in an effort to reduce landfill waste.

Bobcats Give Back is a sustainability program created to alleviate large amounts of trash that accumulates during summer move-out season.

Students and San Marcos residents are encouraged to donate items like non-perishable foods, pet supplies, hygiene products, clothing, small appliances and furniture. Trash, damaged furniture and mattresses will not be accepted.

The program will run July 8 to Aug. 9 at participating apartment complexes: River Oaks Villas, Cabana Beach, Treehouse, Copper Beach, Uptown Square, Elevation on Post, Savanah Club, University Club, Vie Lofts, Grove San Marcos, Westfield, Hillside Ranch and Iconic Village.

Shaianne Rubin is a leasing agent at Westfield Apartments. Rubin said Bobcats Give Back is a program that provides residents the opportunity to pay it forward in donations.

“It’s important for residents to have an opportunity to donate,” Rubin said. “There are people in need and this is a chance for us to give instead of throwing things away.”

There will be opportunities for residents to donate at the designated resident drop-off site located on Craddock Avenue between Senora and Sagewood Trail. These drop-off events will take place July 12-13, July 19-20 and July 26-27 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

All donated items will be collected by the City of San Marcos and get distributed to local organizations such as Goodwill, Green Guy Recycling and the San Marcos Animal Shelter.

Laura Ishibashi is the administrative services manager for Green Guy Recycling. Ishibashi said the recycling service will accept damaged and recyclable items.

Green Guy Recycling is a local drop-off center that accepts paper, plastic and aluminum foil. The center re-sells materials such as metal tubing, fire extinguishers and hardware.

Ishibashi said it is important for students to donate items that have the potential to be reused.

“If we can get more life out of something, then we’re helping reduce the environmental impact,” Ishibashi said. “It’s good to reuse and if that’s not an option, it’s better to recycle than to have material sit in landfills.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, landfills emit a gas composed of 50% methane and 50% carbon dioxide. The EPA states methane is a greenhouse gas trapping heat 28 to 36 times more than carbon dioxide. In the United States, trash landfills are the third largest source of human-related methane emissions.

Last year, Bobcats Give Back did a pilot launch with four apartment complexes.

Amy Kirwin, community enhancement initiative manager of San Marcos, said the program collected 107 pounds of non-perishable food as well as 40 bags of clothing and small appliances during the pilot launch.

Kirwin said Bobcats Give Back benefits local non-profit organizations by providing them with materials that help accomplish their mission. Kirwin said this program is an opportunity for Texas State students to give back to their community.

“I’ve lived in San Marcos for 26 years and when Bobcats are able to do good, it gives the community a nice feel-good feeling,” Kirwin said.

Bobcats Give Back is a program that benefits the community and the environment. Recycling and donating unwanted items is an efficient way students can help reduce waste.

For more information on Bobcats Give Back visitwww.sanmarcostx.gov/bobcatsgiveback or call 512-393-8407.

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