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A Texas-shaped golf hole located at Putt Pub, a new putt golf course set to open in San Marcos. Each of Putt Pub’s 18 holes features a unique design or game. Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Putt Pub

Putt Pub, an 18-hole mini-golf course with cold drinks, food trucks, games, fire pits, and a seesaw is ready to take a swing at the San Marcos entertainment scene in just a matter of weeks.

Reilly Hursley, a Texas State alumnus, came up with the idea of an adult playground devoted to putting after dreaming about it in 2014. After a years-long journey, Reilly Hursley’s dream will soon become a reality as he prepares to open Putt Pub at 307 South LBJ St.

Putt Pub’s course is designed to follow snuggly around its outdoor mini-golf bar, so visitors never have to venture too far when they’re ready for a cold drink. Reilly Hursley says he has big plans for Putt Pub and hopes it becomes the ultimate Sunday Funday spot.

“Eventually, we want to be doing weekly and monthly tournaments,” Reilly Hursley said. “I’m already envisioning the mini-golf championships of Texas. Let’s make that a thing; let’s host them at Putt Pub.”

Reilly Hursley was determined to make Putt Pub a reality from the start. He was the first person to call the day the old Texaco lot where Putt Pub is now located hit the market. He even went as far as getting the Putt Pub logo tattooed on his arm before securing investors.

He says waking up and seeing his tattoo every day serves as a constant reminder to never give up. That dedication convinced Reilly Hursley’s longtime friend, Omid Kalantari, to become an investor in Putt Pub.

“I could see it in his eyes from the beginning that he was 100% committed to making this thing huge,” Kalantari said. “That’s the driving force that made me dive in, is Reilly and his passion for the place.”

Between completely redeveloping the property and navigating the tricky world of getting a liquor license, to painstakingly designing every last detail of each hole, opening Putt Pub is a journey Reilly Hursley has been on for the past half-decade of his life.

Reilly Hursley’s older brother, Joe, was awestruck watching his brother blossom. He says whatever Putt Pub turns into will be unique and fun.

“He’s had the fortitude and the vision to see it through and the patience. A lot of people would’ve bowed out,” Joe Hursley said. “Seeing him adapt, I’ve been inspired. Nobody was going to do it like he does it.”

Before Putt Pub opens to the public, it must face one last obstacle: COVID-19. Joe Hursley predicts the future of bars relies on offering something unique in order to draw people out of their homes; he sees Putt Pub as exactly that.

“As people are returning to a sense of normalcy, it’s going to be a healthy venue where you’re not on one big roof and breathing everyone’s fumes,” Joe Hursley said. “It’s also an activity where it’s not just about alcohol; you’re out there having fun, creating smiles.”

Reilly Hursley calls Putt Pub “a total dream” and is excited to share it with the community he loves so much. To him, returning to the town where he spent his college years brought his dreams full circle.

Putt Pub is planning to open within the next 60 days. To stay in the loop about opening day, visit Putt Pub on Facebook and Instagram.

Admission to Putt Pub will be $8 per person. On weekday nights after midnight, admission will be half-off. Sunday admission will be $15 for unlimited mini-golf.

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