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I have always preferred movie-going to binge-watching TV shows but recently, I have discovered quality shows to watch like “Kidding” with Jim Carrey and “Barry” with Bill Hader, so I was intrigued when I saw the series “The Boys” aired. Karl Urban is one of my favorite actors, so to see him in a lead role taking down superheroes, I knew the show was something I had to see.

Urban steals the show as Billy Butcher, a man who harbors deep resentment toward superheroes after a bad experience. The great thing about The Butcher is his character never changes throughout the series. He has heavy convictions and an unbreakable moral code, which is what makes his character the one to root for.

Anthony Starr, who plays The Homelander, is another great reason why the series is superior. Anytime Starr is onscreen, viewers are on the edge of their seats.

Starr plays the perfect villain due to his on-screen charisma and menacing charm. He plays the psychotic, narcissistic and evil role very well. Since the show is only one season in, it is premature to compare him to the iconic Heath Ledger Joker, Josh Brolin’s Thanos or Javier Bardem’s Anton Chigurh. However, he will definitely go down as one of the most iconic villains of all time.

Almost every character in “The Boys” has an interesting arc, and the acting from each star is phenomenal throughout. The action can get pretty brutal and vulgar, so those with weak stomachs may struggle.

The dynamic in seeing superheroes who were not necessarily evil, and actually human, was interesting. The characters make several decisions that may not be for the best in the long run. These superheroes are not in the same category as the Superman, blue-collar type that can do no wrong.

Each character is portrayed like any normal person was granted super powers. They are capable of doing shady things to gain political power and make themselves look more needed than what they actually are.

Even with The Butcher portrayed as the somewhat good guy, the character is still capable of bad decisions. It is almost as if there is no one in the show to side with. Because The Homelander is so evil, viewers feel like they have to side with The Butcher. This series does a great job making audiences question themselves and what they would do in certain situations the characters face.

I absolutely loved “The Boys” and could not find anything about it worth negatively criticizing. The action, acting and chemistry between characters, plot twists and how the characters’ storylines intermingle makes me anticipate a second season. With this show’s potential, it will no doubt become something special. Even if viewers are not superhero people or action lovers, I believe the individual stories and conflict between the characters is what makes “The Boys” great. I give the first season of “The Boys” 5/5.

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