Metaphysical and holistic community offers spiritual guidance at monthly fair

Vendors at a past San Marcos Metaphysical and Holistic Fair. Photo courtesy of Sheryl Martin.

Each month a series of mediums, psychics and tarot card readers visit San Marcos to provide healing and guidance for individuals interested in the metaphysical and holistic world.

The San Marcos Metaphysical and Holistic Fair is held on the last Sunday of every month, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Holiday Inn located on 105 Bintu Drive. Admission is free and the event is open to the public.

The fair was started in January 2018 by Reverend Sheryl Martin, owner and operator of Heaven-Pathways-Earth, a metaphysical store located in Wimberly.

Heaven-Pathways-Earth sells products such as jewelry and crystals. The store offers holistic and ministry services like spiritual readings and reiki healing.

The fair is open to anyone interested in seeking counsel, learning more about their spirituality or curious about inherent or universal elements of reality.

After participating as a vendor at numerous similar fairs around Texas, Martin said she was motivated to begin her own fair closer to home.

“I hope individuals in attendance are able to experience personal growth by finding what they need, whether that be guidance, learning a new skill or receiving the healing they need to improve their lives,” Martin said.

Practitioners such as mediums, psychics and aura readers will attend and offer their services at the fair.

Ricardo Gonzales is a practicing metaphysician who has been participating in the fair since it started in 2018.

At the San Marcos Metaphysical and Holistic Fair, Gonzales said he engages as a practitioner and offers services such as mediumship and psychic readings.

Additionally, Gonzales is the president of Texas Metaphysical Fairs, an organization responsible for conducting fairs in various cities across Texas.

Gonzales said he admires how consistently the San Marcos fair is held and believes Martin does well in creating a positive atmosphere to host the event.

“I support this fair deeply and hope the community continues to support it as well,” Gonzales said. “It’s one of the best we have in Central Texas.”

Fair attendees can expect to hear live lectures from various practitioners about their work and in-depth perspectives on metaphysics and holistic lifestyles.

Jamie Maihan practices life between lives therapy, a hypnotic process that reconnects an individual with their soul and helps enable a deeper understanding of their immortal identity.

Maihan will present the Healing and the Future of Earth and Humans lecture at the San Marcos fair from 4:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. June 30. Maihan will provide astrology and tarot card readings as well as mediumship.

Maihan said the environment of the San Marcos Metaphysical and Holistic Fair is comforting. She looks forward to interacting with new individuals and helping them kindle their spiritual self.

“I hope individuals coming to the fair find inspiration, happiness and overall inner peace with their higher self,” Maihan said.

Attendees of the fair have the opportunity to purchase items such as essential oils, salt lamps and crystals from vendors.

Texas Magpie is a local business specializing in gems, jewelry and crystals. Marie Wolf, owner of Texas Magpie, said the business has been participating as a vendor in the fair consecutively.

Wolf said she values the intimate setting and genuine attitude of the fair. She said before each event, all vendors and practitioners in attendance stand in union for an opening circle and energy cleansing.

“I’m a big believer in the power of intention,” Wolf said. “When everyone has the same understanding of what we’re here to do, everybody gets started off in the right balance.”

The full list of vendors and practitioner services can be found on the Heaven-Pathways-Earth website. For more information about the fair, join the San Marcos Metaphysical and Holistic Fair Facebook group.

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