It is actually quite simple to audition to sing the national anthem at an athletic event. All students are required to do is send in a video submission to the Texas State Athletics department via email and claim their spot.

Mady Buchanan, marketing assistant for Texas State athletics, said every student gets equal opportunity to perform and whichever sporting event they sing at is up to them.

“The marketing team goes through the audition videos and chooses people, but I don’t think we’ve ever told anyone ‘no’ before since I’ve been here,” Buchanan said. “I just email our contact list of singers the schedule and ask who is available to sing when and I’m about to do the same for baseball.”

If students are wanting to sing for a specific sport, arrangements are often accommodated.

Jessica Baines, journalism and mass communication freshman, said she got the opportunity to sing at the men’s home basketball game Feb. 16, when one door closed and another opened.

“I didn’t really go through an auditioning process but I did participate in an audition for the homecoming talent show back in October,” Baines said. “Although I didn’t make the cut, a worker for Texas State Athletics contacted me to inform me I was recommended to sing the national anthem based on my performance at the talent show auditions.”

Bains has a love for singing and it has grown to be a major hobby. When she was contacted to sing the National Anthem for the game, she felt more than eager to take the chance and if given the opportunity again at another event, would be grateful to participate.

“Singing is a major hobby of mine and I’ve been doing it all my life, so I don’t really get nervous anymore,” Baines said. “It really is an honor and I’m so grateful to be able to participate and sing something so important and meaningful.”

According to The History Channel’s website, singing the national anthem has been a tradition since World War I, starting with baseball in Game 1 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs. The tradition later spread to all sports.

There are no restrictions on the opportunity and singers are encouraged to perform as many times as they like, at any event. Submissions are available to anyone and open for halftime performances.

Ashley Martinez, exercise sports science sophomore, said giving students the chance to perform the National Anthem at events is a great way to show the talent Texas State students have to offer.

“I think it’s great the school gives students a chance to show off their talent or passion,” Martinez said. “It gives them a bit of a spotlight moment and shows how talented the students here are.”

Whether singing or performing is a true passion or just a hobby, getting the chance to sing the national anthem before or perform during halftime at Texas State’s athletic events is fortunate occasion. To be the next performer at a Texas State athletic event, video submissions are taken on the Texas State Athletics website.

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