Arianna Richards takes the order of David Garza.

Photo By Sonia Garcia

Two Texas State students are using chicken and fries to bring their business, relationship and education to the next level.

BB’s Chicago Cuisine found a home at the food truck park at 128 Guadalupeupe St. Owners Charles Rivers, business management junior, and Ariana Richards, health and fitness junior, brought the Rivers family recipe to San Marcos almost a year ago. This summer, the couple got their mobile food establishment permit and are now offering a full menu of affordable eats.

BB’s Chicago Cuisine began nine years ago in Houston. The restaurant was owned by Rivers’ parents and its menu paid homage to their Chicago roots. When Rivers’ parents moved back to Chicago in late 2016 and closed shop, he chose to keep the business alive. With Richards’ previous experience working with the family business, she joined Rivers as a co-owner.

Rivers and Richards began selling BB’s Chicago Cuisine to San Marcos residents in 2017. The couple’s rendition of the Rivers family recipe became a fan favorite. With success in hand, the couple set their sights on operating a food truck for their business, like Rivers’ family once had.

Rivers and Richards drove by the food truck park for over a year and imagined the day they would put BB’s in the lot. This summer they breathed life into the dream by obtaining the appropriate permit and readying the BB’s Chicago Cuisine food truck.

The food trucks Aug. 24 grand opening was packed with entertainment by DJ Drew and free food for customers that showed up early.

“I (feel) like I’m looking from the outside in,” Richards said. “(Getting our food truck in the food truck park) is like looking at one of your dreams come true, and I think I’m still in disbelief to this day.”

Richards and Rivers said their flavors and vibes are not normally found in San Marcos. BB’s menu features the full menu the Rivers family had when they ran the food truck. There are seven permanent food items, including the fan-favorite wings, as well as a seasonal option. All their food is shipped from Chicago to provide the essence of the Chicago experience in every bite.

“I want (students) to have a good time, want the food quality to always be an A and definitely affordable,” Rivers said. “We want to make it somewhere students would want to come and hang out.”

They also offer catering services for all occasions. Ericka May, Texas State alumna, pushed her Basketball Coach to get BB’s catering to celebrate the end of the 2018 spring semester. The coaches made it happen and BB’s catered for the Women’s Basketball team.

“The fact that it’s two college students grinding (and) following their passion while getting an education makes it special,” May said. “They help people understand you can follow your dreams while getting an education.”

The duo said BB’s has more in store for its future. Rivers and Richards want to be a sponsor of Texas State. Eventually, they want to be able to work from a business standpoint rather than in the food truck.

Rivers and Richards both said it is difficult to balance school, business and their relationship, but they make it work.

The couple said it is a lot for them to handle on their own and they are looking at hiring interns in the near future. They said they hope to help students gain work experience while they receive the help they need for BB’s. Possible internship positions include an accountant, marketer and social media coordinator.

This dynamic couple is not letting anything get in the way of their success. They know what the college student wants and are delivering excellence.

BB’s hours of operation are Tuesday through Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 12 a.m., as well as Friday and Saturday from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.

To stay up to date with BB’s Chicago Cuisine, check out their Twitter: @bchicagocuisine.

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