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The main purpose of Dia De Reyes is to commemorate the importance of faith, culture and heritage by creating an unforgettable night with a King’s Cake.

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Colorful bread, joyous family members and the importance of tradition were ever present as Dia De Reyes, also known as the Epiphany, was celebrated over the first weekend in January.

On Jan. 6 each year, many who identify with the Christian Hispanic culture commemorate Three Kings Day, which is believed to be the day when the three wise men visited baby Jesus.

The main purpose of Dia De Reyes is to commemorate the importance of faith, culture and heritage by creating an unforgettable night with a King’s Cake.

The Rosca de Reyes, or King’s Cake, is the focal point of the holiday’s tradition. The Rosca de Reyes is a fluffy crown-shaped cake made of rich yeasted bread, embellished with bands of colored sugar and candy with a small figurine placed inside to represent baby Jesus.

While originating in Hispanic culture, Dia De Reyes is celebrated globally and the traditions associated with it continue to spread, creating a growing demand for King’s cake.

Cristina Rivera, business management freshman, said she is grateful for a cultural upbringing that has helped shape the person she is today. She said the holiday is not only a celebration of culture but also herself.

“The diversity of cultures is what makes every individual unique and different,” Rivera said. “It is important for Hispanic (Texas State) students to not lose their traditions because it is a huge factor in who they are.”

Rivera said she and a majority of her Christian-Hispanic friends prefer King’s Day over Christmas.

Melissa Sanchez, exercise and sports science junior, said she gained exposure to Hispanic culture before American culture and believes this caused her to place a strong value on her Hispanic heritage.

“I knew what Dia De Reyes was before Christmas, idolizing the Three Wise Men rather than Santa Claus,” Sanchez said.

The traditions serve as a revival of faith, love and culture, making Dia De Reyes a memorable night for everyone in attendance. Homes are filled with family members and friends eating the rosca de reyes and drinking hot chocolate while participating in traditional customs such as exchanging gifts, children making crowns to honor the kings, and attempting to find baby Jesus within the rosca de reyes.

Cynthia Yanez, marketing junior, said she believes Dia De Reyes is an exceptional example to expose the greatness of Hispanic culture despite recent racial injustice.

“Dia De Reyes is a tradition, a foundation of heritage and culture,” Yanez said. “Hispanic culture is sadly being overshadowed by racial slurs and ignorance, but Dia De Reyes illuminates our people in a positive limelight.”

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