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Those seeking honor and glory need not fret, as it may be an easier goal to reach than expected. Cramming your belly full of food at record time can win anyone a place in a hall of fame.

San Marcos is surrounded by eating competitions open to the public. Money and fame await those brave enough to take part and succeed, even if it involves a vomit bucket.

Chunky’s Burgers & More

Chunky’s Burgers & More is an establishment in San Antonio that offers customers the chance to take on a challenge called The 4 Horsemen.

According to the restaurant’s website, participants have 25 minutes to eat The 4 Horsemen burger, containing jalapeno, serrano and ghost peppers, in addition to habanero sauce. Participants must be 18 years of age or have a parent/guardian present to sign the waiver.

The website states a “chuck bucket” is provided, but using it will disqualify participants. If the bucket is missed, a clean-up fee will be added to the amount of the burger. Those who complete the challenge will gain bragging rights and a chance to place their picture on the “Wall of Flame.” More rules and information on the challenge can be found on their website.

Pluckers Wing Bar

This eatery has multiple locations, including one in San Marcos. Restaurant patrons must eat 25 wings with Pluckers Wing Bar’s “Fire in the Hole” sauce. If victorious, they get recognized on the “Wall of Flame.”

Jessye Lane Daniels, server trainer at the San Marcos location, said every week people come in to attempt the challenge. She does not think she could do it, but having the option and watching others is amusing.

“I think it’s really fun because people come in just to do it and it’s funny thing because everyone’s laughing at their friends because it’s so hot,” Daniels said.

Plucker’s Assistant General Manager number three at the San Marcos location, Kristen Abram said it’s exciting to see people finish all 25 wings.

“It’s always exciting to see somebody finish (the challenge) and usually it’s a big deal; everybody in the restaurant is kind of involved and cheering them on,” Abram said.

Brianna Mascorro, family and childhood development sophomore, said she learned of this opportunity last semester from a friend and is interested in trying it out to test her spice tolerance. She hopes to achieve the challenge by the end of spring semester.

“I felt like why not give it a try one day,” Mascorro said.

Brooklyn Heights Pizzeria

Brooklyn Heights Pizzeria is located in the Austin area, and offers a pizza challenge where one could either participate alone or with a partner.

The rule is the pizza must contain at least two meats or four vegetables. Participants have one hour to eat the entire 12 pound pizza pizza without leaving the table.

According to the website, winners of the challenge will get $200, whether one or two people compete. However, those who do not successfully complete the challenge must pay the price of the pizza. In addition, the pizzeria requires patrons to call 24 hours in advance to book a time to participate in the challenge.

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