GroovyQ owner Paul Dickson prepares beans inside the family-owned food truck Friday, February 14, 2020. Photo credit: Isabella Lopes

The familiar smell of barbecue often brings people together in the Lone Star state. Lovers of barbecue can rejoice with the recent opening of GroovyQ BBQ food truck.

Located on 801 Chestnut St., GroovyQ BBQ is one of several food trucks in Red Bus Food Park opening next week. The park will feature over six food trucks and a 40 foot red bus, which the space gets its name from, which has been converted into a dining area. The red bus has an air conditioner, a heater, a TV and Wi-Fi. The red bus gives the food truck customers an opportunity to eat comfortably in spite of fluctuating Texas weather.

The family-owned food truck was started by Jerry and Johnny Warren, who are brothers, and their friend and food lover Paul Dickson. The trio are now sharing their knowledge of smoking meats and serving a community with barbecue lovers in the Texas Hill Country.

Jerry and Dickson met working at a Waffle House in Fort Worth before Jerry franchised with Waffle House in Phoenix, Arizona, and Dickson franchised with Pizza Hut in Wisconsin. Johnny has always been in Texas with his family, competing in barbecue cook offs. Now, the Warren brothers and Dickson are making what they love to do a full-time job.

The GroovyQ food truck was designed in Florida and features a red, white and blue tie-dye look. The truck houses a southern pride smoker, which can hold over 14,000 pounds of meat. Different meats offered include sliced or chopped brisket, sausage, pulled pork and ribs.

Dickson said inspiration for the design derives from the Warren brothers and Dickson’s own groovy look since they often wear tie-dye shirts.

“When we saw it, I thought, that’s groovy,” Dickson said. “That’s cool.”

In his tie-dye shirt, Johnny has been smoking meat for over 30 years and competing in barbecue competitions all around Texas. Dickson and Jerry would occasionally visit and participate in the barbecue competitions, all wearing their signature look—tie-dye.

With his experience, Jerry is meticulous when it comes to the right temperature for the meats and proper detailing, according to Dickson.

“They say do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life,” Jerry said. “Now I know that’s true.”

Since Johnny has always been in Texas, they collectively agreed their barbecue location would be in the Hill Country.

With different meats to choose from, GroovyQ offers different plate orders, including meats with sides, sandwich plates, mac and cheese bowls and ribs. GroovyQ also offers smoked chicken thighs on Wednesdays and Fridays. Sides include smoked beans, coleslaw, mac and cheese and potato salad.

GroovyQ BBQ is open five days a week, Tuesday-Saturday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. The official grand opening of the Red Bus Food Park will be Feb. 24-29.

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