P’n’P Asian Market not only offers Asian groceries but even includes a small dining area where they serve their own Thai food.

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Regardless of whether a person has lived in San Marcos for six months or for 60 years, the city is home to unique, yet relatively unknown spots that even locals may not know exist. The unknown spots range from secret outdoor spots, lesser-known restaurants and unique work-out studios.

1. Waterfall at Stokes Park

Located on Cape Street near The Woods apartment complex is a six-acre greenbelt space along the San Marcos river. This area offers a variety of walking trails and picnic areas for the adventurous and outdoorsy type. A secret waterfall is tucked away for those feeling extra adventurous. Visitors have been known to jump off of the concrete structure surrounding the waterfall, diving into the swimming hole below. This is also the perfect spot to kayak to and enjoy a peaceful oasis away from the most popular parts of the park.

2. City Surf Fitness

This non-traditional work-out studio has already gained popularity in the San Marcos community after opening its doors last month. The San Marcos branch is the company’s ninth location in the United States. The fitness studio offers work-out classes like no other with its indoor SURFSET boards. These special surfboards involve no water and are built into the ground of the studio floors. By riding these mock surfboards cardiovascular endurance, balance, agility and strength are improved.

“City Surf is known for its intense workouts, amazing music, enthusiastic trainers, and the best core workout out there,” said Andrew Heller, the owner. “It is a fun, unique workout and a great way to burn over 500 calories. We are the only studio offering classes on these indoor surfboards.”

To try out these workouts, visit the website to register for a class. City Surf Fitness is located at 700 N LBJ Suite 103A.

3. P’n’P Asian Market

Another lesser-known spot in San Marcos is the P’n’P Asian Market. It is the only one of its kind in town, offering a variety of Asian grocery products. A small dining area to the side, Prink Nam Pla, serves a full menu of Thai cuisine and is known as a great takeout restaurant. It is recommended to place an order well ahead of time by calling 512-396-9919.

“People tell me they love the food and they’re happy that can get what they need here without having to make a long drive,” said John Winn, a store clerk.

P’n’P Asian Market is located at 1917 Dutton Drive Suite 104.

4. Xylophone Park

The Xylophone Park, also known as Eddie Durham Park, may seem like an average park with its picnic tables and benches. However, a closer look reveals three xylophones in the center of the park. These xylophones are tuned to be played alongside each other in harmony. Xylophone Park is a unique spot for a picnic with friends and to make some music together. The park is located at 205 MLK Drive.

5. The cave at Purgatory Creek

A hidden cave at Purgatory Creek is a location for hikers and the adventurous type to put on a bucket list. Purgatory Creek is known for having some of the best hiking trails in town, but they have earned a reputation for being treacherous and difficult. However, what few know about Purgatory Creek is that a cave is hidden among the trails.

Kim Williams, mathematics freshman, has hiked to the cave before and said though fallen rocks have closed areas of the cave over the years, it is still a sight worth seeing.

“If you start at the upper Purgatory entrance and follow Dante’s trail, you’ll eventually hit the edge of a cliff,” Williams said. “If you keep walking past that, you’ll start to walk at a decline and there will be a right turn you can make off of the trail you’re on. Follow that until you see the cave on your right.”

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