Students find new and cool ways to study in different places other than Alkek Library.

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Every floor of Alkek Library during finals week will undoubtedly be flooded with students studying or desperately searching for a place to do so. However, there are many other options on campus that provide the peaceful ambiance students require to ace their finals.

1. Lampasas Gallery of the Common Experience

Tucked away in the Honor’s College building, this hidden gem is perfect for studying alone or with friends. There are round tables, high tables and couches surrounded by student art. Most importantly, free coffee is served daily.

Students are drawn to this spot because of its coffee shop atmosphere. Jonathan Campbell, digital media innovations junior, said this is his favorite spot to study on campus.

“I get a great vibe here,” Campbell said. “It’s as if I am in a coffee shop on campus and I love coffee shops.”

2. Concho Green

Located between Sterry and Lantana Halls is a large patch of green grass perfect for those who like to soak up the sun while studying. Although Sewell Park is a popular option for this type of studying, Concho Green boasts the fact in comparison it is usually a more relaxed environment.

All that is required to make this spot perfect is a blanket or towel to lay on, fully charged electronics because there are no outlets and snacks if desired.

3. Under the trees

This study space is located off the hill on Edward Gary Street, next to the Education building.

This small circular area only has two tables but is nicely hidden away under many trees giving it a nice shade. This secluded area can provide the ability to get away and concentrate on the task at hand. The greenery can melt stress away and offer a chance to take in the surroundings when you need to clear your head.

Gillian McDonald, exercise and sports science freshman, said this is her go-to spot when she needs to study.

“This place is very quiet, so I can easily concentrate and study or do my homework,” McDonald said. “Also, my classes are nearby so I study here before class.”

4. Academic Services Building North’s Hidden Treasure

Located under the bridge that connects Lampasas and ASBN is a very isolated study spot that can be easy to miss.

It is a small, reclusive area, making a great study spot for groups or individuals. It can be a place to discuss group projects or write a paper. The possibilities are endless.

It is located outside so it can be a place to enjoy the weather. However, if rain is in the forecast this place can still be a great study spot for those that enjoy the sound of rain trickling down, as it is located under a roof.

5. Taylor-Murphy History Patio

Located in the center of the Taylor-Murphy History building is a Spanish-style patio that immerses students to another time and place. There are splashes of blue throughout the building, a fountain in the center and plants all around.

This patio is perfect for studying alone, one just needs to grab a seat on a bench directly under the sunlight or in the shade. There can be lots of movement between classes, but the beautiful scenery makes it all worthwhile.

6. Somewhere in the shade

Some students make their study spot anywhere they can find the ambiance they are looking for. Kylie Rieck, English junior, said she does not have one specific area to study, but loves working outside in the shade.

“I like to sit outside because it’s peaceful and it helps me not be stressed,” Rieck said. “Also, there is usually not a lot of noise in like cafes where there is a lot of talking and blenders going off.”

Rieck said she steers away from studying in her apartment or other places off-campus.

“If I study at home I get distracted or I will fall asleep, so I try to stay away from my apartment and be outside, depending on if the weather allows it,” Rieck said.

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