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Randall King, the country music artist is set to perform at Cheatham Street Warehouse Oct. 19.

Country artist Randall King will be performing live at the famed Cheatham Street Warehouse on Friday, Oct. 20 at 8 p.m. King, a native Texan, released his latest album, “Another Bullet,” in 2016.

What inspires you about being an artist?

There is nothing like getting to perform in front of an audience that is moved and appreciates the work that you have put in; all the long hours writing songs and putting the record together. When that crowd sings your song back to you, they’re just singing out of pocket.

How long do you spend writing and reviewing your music?

It’s a constant thing. It’s something that you work on every day, between thinking of ideas and then going in and doing co-writes, things of that nature. I go up to Nashville for a whole week every two and a half to three months. I spend a whole week writing songs and bringing ideas to really talented songwriters that have already proven themselves up in Nashville and we work for that week. Then I take those home and I keep doing that. It’s a constant thing.

Why was your first album taken down off the internet?

I was about 22 or 23 when we did that record and it was co-produced by my old guitar player. (He) and that entire band really wanted to be Americano kind of rock ‘n’ roll country, and I really wanted to be myself, wanted to go back to my roots. So I moved on from Randall King Band and just went as Randall King. I just went back to my roots, got in touch with my past, and started playing traditional country music. So the reason we took that record down is because it doesn’t reflect who I am.

What is the message that you really try to send to your fans when you’re performing?

Have a little fun, hold your family close, grab a beer and have a little fun.

What separates you from other country artists? What makes you unique?

Well, I come from four generations of hay haulers. To me, family is the biggest thing in the world for me. A lot of my writing reflects my roots where I’ve come from within my past, within my writing. I write for the family men. I write for the hard-working men and women of America. I think that is a big reason that separates me from other traditional country artists. I’m not going to sit there and write a beer on the tailgate to you. I’m going to send something from my heart and hopefully, it attaches to the listener’s heart.

Is there a message you have for anyone going through a hard time?

Well, I believe in the good Lord above and I believe in faith. I think there is a big power within this world. Everything happens for a reason and I think that when something happens in this world, it’s not to tear this world apart but more to bring it together. I believe in sending a good prayer up and hold on tight for the ride.

Why did you choose to perform in San Marcos?

I love Texas State man, I love San Marcos. I love coming out in that area, I think it’s a beautiful area and Cheatham Street is just historic on its own. The songwriters that have started there, Kent Finlay alone makes Cheatham street something special. You can still feel Kent Finlay within that room when you walk in there and hit that stage, and I think that’s something special. I think that the people in San Marcos are special. That’s a place I want to grow.

What are you wanting to leave the people of San Marcos with on Friday?

Oh, I’m going to leave them with a hangover. You better prepare your liver because we are going to drink some beer and some whiskey down on Cheatham Street Friday, Oct. 20 y’all.

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