Nate Guthrie performs his live acoustic set during Kissing Alley concert series Nov. 15.

Photo By Ryan Torres

San Marcos’ radio station, KZSM, hosted another installment of live music for the community during 3rd Thursday downtown walkabout, an evening devoted to the arts of San Marcos. Local businesses come together on the occasion to offer flash sales, drink specials and host live entertainment for attendees.

The Kissing Alley concert series is held at Kissing Alley in The Square. This free, live concert series invites the community to listen to and experience new, local artists.

The concerts consist of three to four local musicians who play from 7-9 p.m. The purpose of the series is for local artists to have the opportunity to promote their music and gain exposure.

Aaron Cheatham, host of the Kissing Alley concert series and co-host of the radio show at KZSM, said the series has something that everyone will enjoy listening to.

“Getting to meet and experience different local musicians before they get recognition is definitely my favorite part about this series,” Cheatham said. “(The community and I) get the chance to talk with the crowd.”

Different bands have been invited by KZSM to play at the Kissing Alley concert series, according to past event lineups that can be found on their Facebook page. The concerts have been going on since early 2017.

KZSM invited Nate Guthrie, Ella Reid and Lina Clarke to play musical sets Nov. 15. Past concerts have had local artists of every genre play at Kissing Alley.

The community radio station hosts and advocates for local and even nationwide exposure on KZSM’s live stream on their website. On the stream, music is played from local artists and there is commentary about various topics like politics and music.

Rob Rourke, president of the board of San Marcos community radio association (KZSM), said he encourages people of the community to listen to new musical artists featured on the concert series.

KZSM hosts shows dedicated to live music, mostly to expose the community to local artists. Rourke volunteers throughout the evening for the concert series.

“It’s important for (KZSM) to bring back stories and help influence new town-goers of the culture in San Marcos,” Rourke said. “We’re building a community through this radio station. Our mission is to follow the Three E’s: to enlighten, to engage and to entertain.”

Organizers at KZSM radio encourage everyone who listens to make sure they have fun, be it through music or commentary.

Gene Randall, station manager at KZSM, made community engagement the station’s goal. Randall works on commentaries for national listeners at KZSM.

“The environment (in San Marcos) is rich with musicians and talent,” Randall said. “It’s important to bring those talents to show the community.”

The Kissing Alley concert series will have another show during the 3rd Thursday walkabout in the month of December. A schedule of events can be found on KZSM’s radio organization website and on their Facebook.

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