Need any apparel for Texas State? Go on down to Barefoot, San Marcos’s best boutique.

Photo by Elza Taurins | Staff Photographer

College students enjoy buying from small boutiques that sell clothes, accessories and school merchandise. Barefoot Campus Outfitters is one of the best boutique stores in San Marcos.

Barefoot sells collegiate T-shirts, novelty items and its own brand of Barefoot and combined apparel for Texas State. The staff at Barefoot knows what kind of environment to create to keep their customers coming back.

Taylor Haynes, retail manager appreciates working for Barefoot because it is fun.

“We try to create a lifestyle brand that is chill,” Haynes said. “While the energy of the store is relaxed, fun and active.”

The San Marcos Barefoot location has been around a little over three years and the entire company was founded in 2002. The store has popular items that will always sell year round.

“As of now, customers love our cactus-themed items,” Haynes said. “Anything with a cactus on it pretty much sells quickly.”

Jordan Crabb, sales associate, never dreads coming to work because the environment makes her job fun.

“I like the vibe that Barefoot gives,” Crabb said. “We play good music to make our customers feel comfortable to stay and hang out.”

Winning the Best Boutique award means a lot to the Barefoot team, as they work hard to create a space for customers to enjoy.

“I love my team, we consider ourselves to be a Barefoot family,” Haynes said. “We are so proud to win this award because the store has come a long way. We had people who didn’t know who we were and now we have built a trusted brand within our community.”

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