Zelicks Icehouse

Customers enjoy a drink inside Zelicks Icehouse located at 336 W. Hopkins St

For those looking to relax in an outdoor setting with good cocktails and live music, Zelicks Icehouse offers just that and more. With specialty connections with local breweries, Zelicks carries a myriad of cocktails and craft beers that can only be found in this eclectic bar.

Winning for a second consecutive year, Zelicks Icehouse has maintained the spirit of the San Marcos community through live events and crawfish boils. Perfectly prepared to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, current owner Benjie Ackerman says Zelicks has always been a welcoming community for everyone.

“If you look inside the establishment, you can see how things are spaced out. That’s always been how Zelicks has been,” Ackerman says. “We’re trying to do our part, overall we’re trying to do what we’re allowed to do. This is about bringing the artistic community in San Marcos together — it’s about taking the true San Marcos culture and bringing it together.”

Named after the previous owners’ grandfather, Jack Zelick Katz, the outdoor hangout hotspot has thrived with its pride in specialty hand-crafted Texas beers and signature cocktails, among them a refreshing Texas Frozen Orange — a frozen orange drink similar to an orange creamsicle.

Zelicks operates with rotating craft beers and endless possibilities for mixed cocktails.

“If you look behind our bar, we have two frozen machines,” Ackerman says. “On the right side, we always have a frozen margarita — you can do lime, strawberry or mango. On the left machine, we always have different rotating frozen beverages.”

In addition to the thirst-quenching drinks, Zelicks operates a food truck, making fresh food along with spicy crawfish boils.

“All the food done here is produced by our team,” Ackerman says. “We always have three rotating beers on tap. It’s always interesting, there’s always something new, fun and exciting going on here.”

A bubbling atmosphere that offers something for everybody, Zelicks provides a welcoming environment that allows San Marcans to engage with its community — and enjoy a great drink.

To learn more about Zelicks, visit the restaurant at 336 W. Hopkins St. or its website.

2nd Place: Industry

3rd Place: Mayloo’s

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