Helm and musician, Tiera Deniell, on set before filming episode three of The Arian Helm Show. Photo courtesy of Arian Helm.

A desire to make it in the media industry while wanting to inform and entertain her peers has motivated one student to create her own talk show.

Arian Helm, electronic media senior, launched The Arian Helm Show on YouTube February 2019. She currently has 12 episodes available and plans to wrap up season one in the next few weeks. Season two will launch August 2019.

Helm said she wants the show to be intriguing, entertaining and informative. Each episode of The Arian Helm Show includes five segments.

The first segment is Chatty Time, where Helm discusses trending topics regarding political and celebrity news.

The second segment is the interview portion of the show where Helm speaks with local San Marcos creators such as photographers, musicians and local business owners.

Kendrick Haverly, exercise and sports science senior, was the first guest on The Arian Helm Show. Haverly is a local musician who is better known by his stage name: Kenny Raccs.

While on the show, Haverly and Helm discussed Haverly’s music career. Haverly said being on the show was a networking opportunity for both himself and Helm.

Haverly said he appreciates how Helm uses her show to spread awareness on local creators and business owners.

“She’s giving someone else an opportunity to shine,” Haverly said. “There’s not many people like that nowadays.”

Alexandria Dotson, nursing junior, was featured on episode five of The Arian Helm Show. Dotson is the owner of local and online beauty supply store NoMore99s Beauty Supply.

Dotson and Helm chatted about the business, the role of black women in the beauty industry and how NoMore99s Beauty Supply is the first black-owned beauty supply store in San Marcos.

Dotson said she was impressed by Helm’s professionalism and admired how Helm gave her a platform to talk about her up-and-coming business.

“Everything was strictly about my accomplishments, my business, my background,” Dotson said.

Since being on the show, Dotson said she has seen growth in her business.

The third segment, Not Rich but Wealthy, is dedicated to teaching viewers financial literacy and responsibility.

Signed to Bring Real Music Back Records, the fourth segment, is a portion of the show where Helm introduces up-and-coming artists she found through social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.

The final segment of the show is titled Know Yo Rights, where Helm provides advice on how to react in legal situations. Helm turns to her mother, an ex-police officer, for counsel and talking points for this segment.

Some of the topics Helm has covered in the fifth segment include how to react in the presence of law enforcement, the difference between an arrest and detainment and the process of search warrants.

Helm said she created her talk show in order to establish an opportunity to express herself and build her personal brand.

She said the inspiration for launching The Arian Helm Show stemmed from Laurie Fluker, her Intro to Mass Communications professor.

“(Fluker) definitely helped me evaluate my passions and goals,” Helm said. “She made me think about what I wanted to do after Texas State.”

The Arian Helm Show is fully operated and run by Helm. She films, edits and markets the content all on her own.

Although running her own show can be time-consuming, Helm said it has been rewarding to learn about the media industry.

In the next few years, Helm said she hopes her talk show will be featured on television or a larger platform. She is in the process of developing her own media network, The Helm Network.

Helm said she was inspired to launch her own network after learning none of the current top media companies were black-owned.

“I want to create my own media company to spread light on black culture and represent our culture in a positive way,” Helm said.

To learn more about Helm and her show, visit her blog ArianTalks. Subscribe to The Arian Helm show on YouTube to be notified when a new episode is released.

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