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Kristy Stark, director of communications for the City of San Marcos, introduced the speakers at the press conference addressing the reward for the Iconic Village apartment fire on Aug. 2.

City officials have raised the reward from $10,000 to $110,000 for information on the identification of the person(s) involved in setting the Iconic Village apartment fire in 2018.

Five individuals were killed July 20, 2018, in the Iconic Village fire. The event marked a loss for San Marcos and the Texas State community. The cause of the fire has yet to be revealed, but in November 2018, investigators disclosed it was an act of arson.

San Marcos Police Chief Chase Stapp revealed there are still currently no suspects identified related to the fire.

In a collaborative effort to raise the reward, donations from the community included a $25,000 donation from the Houston Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a $25,000 donation from the City of San Marcos, a $10,000 donation by the Chamber of Commerce, a $10,000 donation by the Frizzell and Ortiz family combined and a $40,000 donation from an anonymous donor within the business community.

San Marcos Fire Marshal Kelly Kistner said the community will not forget the five individuals who died: Haley Frizzell, James Miranda, David Ortiz, Dru Estes, Belinda Moats and Zachary Sutterfield, who is still in recovery.

“We will never stop on this investigation, we will continue to find the answers,” Kistner said. “We will see this through the end.”

ATF and city officials like Kistner are hopeful that the increase in the reward amount will help bring the case to a close.

“If you set the fire, it’s time to come forward,” Kistner said. “You’ve taken the lives of five individuals and affected their families, so if you did this, it’s time to grow up, take responsibility and come forward. If you don’t want to come to us, (there are) people who will take us to you and we’ll get you one way or another.”

Details of the investigation are being kept within the investigative team as to not hinder the process, city officials said. Tips received by ATF and city officials are pursued each day of the investigation.

The ATF encourages anyone with information to call 888-ATF-TIPS or to send information through their mobile app Reported.

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