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Update: Feb. 21, 12:06 p.m.

The City of San Marcos has lifted it boil water advisory after water quality tests have determined the city's water supply is safe to drink. 

As of Feb. 20, all city water system repairs have been completed and pressures within the water distribution system have returned to normal, which allowed samples for testing to be collected. According to the city, no contamination was detected. 

San Marcos Electric Utility also completed all remaining customer storm repairs on Feb. 20, restoring power to the last residents affected by outages. The city says there will be no increase in utility rates at this time; however, residents may see higher than normal bills as customer usage was higher than normal. 

According to the city, it is temporarily waiving fees for permits associated with plumbing repairs for residents and business.

While the city says residents may return to normal power and water consumption, it is still encouraging resource conservation. 

Original Story 

The City of San Marcos issued a boil water advisory on Feb. 17 for all City of San Marcos water customers following a drop in water pressure within the distribution system.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is requiring the city to issue the advisory until normal water pressures resume and water quality laboratory  results show no contamination. The drop in pressure was the result of power outages caused by current winter weather conditions.

The advisory will impact Texas State buildings located east of the San Marcos River which includes Bobcat Village, Jowers Center and the University Events Center. No other on-campus student housing will be affected by the advisory.

The university will be delivering bottled water to Bobcat Village residents until the advisory is lifted.

According to the city, the advisory is only a precautionary measure and does not mean the water is contaminated.

Water samples will be taken after pressures return to normal. The city says satisfactory water quality results should be available no later than Feb. 23 and it will notify water customers through social media when the advisory has been lifted. 

In addition, the city is also reminding residents to continue to conserve power as San Marcos Electric Utility works to restore electricity to those affected by outages.

The University Star will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

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