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Star file photo of the Hays County Seal.

During its May 18 meeting, the Hays County Commissioners Court adopted two proclamations, declaring May as Elder Abuse Month and May 23-29, as Search and Rescue Week in Hays County.

Search and Rescue Week acknowledges the number of civilians that go missing due to criminal activity as well as seeks to provide closure to families of missing persons.

Jonathan McComb is the lone survivor of his family of four from the 2015 Wimberly flood. After the flood and the loss of his family, McComb joined the Texas Search and Rescue organization, continuing his search for his family. According to McComb, this search was a large reason why he joined the organization and why he believes search and rescue groups are important.

"There is a whole lot of different search and rescue groups out there, so supporting them and acknowledging them and what they do, they bring a huge benefit to the law enforcement and an extra hand and arm to reach out and just extend their reach to help those in need," McComb says.

The court thanked McComb for his courage and all of those enlisted in search and rescue organizations.

The commissioners also authorized a part-time intern position to the Hays County Child Protective Board who will assist the board director.

The commissioners accepted the resignation of Hays County court-at-law judge Millie Thompson. Thompson's replacement will take over the position until 2022 when Thompson's term was originally slated to end. The commissioners voted to bring back the motion to induct a replacement judge at a later date and asked those interested in the position to submit a resume.

Hays County Emergency Services Office Director Mike Jones says COVID-19 vaccines are available at the Hays County Local Health Department Live Oak Health Partners Clinic Monday thru Friday from 8:30 -11 a.m. and 1-4 p.m., with no prior appointment necessary. Jones believes that, as of now, the only citizens who have not been vaccinated are in age groups 12-15 or adults who cannot find time to get vaccinated because of their work schedule.

During the meeting's COVID-19 updates, Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra provided clarity on the lifted mask mandate and advised citizens to treat everyone the same, regardless of whether they are wearing a mask or not.

"I will ask yet again, at every turn, to please be peaceful. Please be kind to your neighbors, to your fellow Texans, and not be aggressive whether they're wearing a mask or not wearing a mask," Becerra says. "We have a kaleidoscope of reasons why, at this moment in time, during this once-in-my lifetime global pandemic, to see all the variations of masking. So, I just ask that we could say, 'Thank you,' for wearing a mask and, 'You're free, you don't have to wear a mask,' all at the same time, but with that same breath. I just ask that we remain patient with those that are doing either one."

The Hays County Commissioners Court meets every Tuesday at 9 a.m. For more information visit its website.

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