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New Student Senators Cody Retz, Shoval Gurvitz and Isaiah Trevino are confirmed as Student Senators Oct. 9.

Student Government Senate confirmed three new members and voted unanimously on legislation to implement a Campus Safety and University Police Advisory Council.

During the Oct. 9 Student Government meeting, Student Body Vice President Tucker Thompson reported that free menstrual hygiene products have been delivered to campus and are expected to be installed into the participating buildings within the next month.

Senator Matthew Gonzales introduced the new Student Government website that has been designed to be more accessible to students. The website is still in production but will be available to the student body soon.

Diversity Week will be taking place from Oct. 25-Nov. 1 which consists of, “events designed to create awareness and appreciation of our diverse differences and celebrate the richness of our university community.” The week-long experience being put on by Student Government features guest speakers, film viewings and drag karaoke.

The confirmation of Shoval Gurvitz, who spoke about her capability to represent the College of Fine Arts as Senator at-large, passed. Cody Retz was confirmed as Senator at-large; Retz said he wants to increase student engagement and involvement with Student Government. Additionally, Isaiah Treviño was confirmed as Senator at-large and emphasized his focus on safety and the representation of minorities through his position in Student Government.

The resolution “calling on Texas State University to Implement a Campus Safety and University Police Advisory Council” passed unanimously. The legislation will review policy and encourage UPD data transparency and functions in an advisory capacity to collaborate

Following the passage of the legislation, Senator and author of the legislation, Cody DeSalvo, moved to add every senator that voted in favor of the Campus Safety and University Police Advisory Council to be made a sponsor of the legislation. DeSalvo expressed his motivation behind making every Student Senator a sponsor of the piece was to show the administration that Student Government is united in their efforts to keep campus safe.

Student Government meetings are held every Monday night at 7 p.m. and are open to the public. Visit Student Government’s website for more information.

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