Senators Jacob Cleveland, Colton Halter and Preston Nieves discuss changes to the new constitution during the Nov. 25 meeting.

After continuous Student Government meetings amending the new Student Government constitution, it passed with 21 votes.

The Nov. 25 meeting began with the Joint Session Agenda, following the introduction of guest speakers Editor-in-Chief of The University Star Jakob Rodriguez and Deputy Chief Diversity Officer Stella Silva.

Rodriguez spoke about Texas State’s newspaper and its’ beliefs, his role in the publication, how the publication is funded and the pay of current editors on staff.

Silva was invited by Student Body President Corey Benbow where she answered questions about diversity and inclusion at Texas State.

“Diversity efforts on campus are very fractured,” Silva said.

Old business included in the Joint Session Agenda picked off from the last meeting. Period of discussion was moved to Part V. The Assembly Section 10 where “Joint Session of the Assembly only members of the Assembly have the right to speak during debate and discussion, this includes ex officio members of both chambers”. The amendment to the proposed amendment was passed.

Alterations were added to Article IX Elections section six of the constitution, previously stating that when candidates run as a part of “Alliance,” they “must establish a shared campaign agenda and a list of two candidates.” The amendment to the amendment was not passed, therefore there was a movement back to a period of discussion.

A final vote of section six was decided as “Candidates running as part of an “Alliance”, must establish a shared campaign agenda a list of at least five candidates running for office: A President, Vice President, and at least three senators.”

After all amendments were discussed the piece as a whole was passed and the meeting was moved from the Joint Session Meeting Agenda to the Senate Meeting Agenda.

Main discussion of the agenda focused on old business where a Resolution to Provide Student Identification Card Safety Resources and a Resolution Cancelling the Senate Meeting on December 2 was passed.

Reasons for cancellation of next week’s meeting is due to the Student Government banquet.

Student Government meetings are open to the public and are held every Monday at 7 p.m. in the LBJ Teaching Theater. The meeting agenda and resolutions can be found on the Student Government website.

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