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Matthew Gonzales (second from right) answers members questions pertaining to his new role as Director of Marketing and Outreach.

The third Student Government meeting this semester consisted of amending the budget for freshman council, changing on-campus minimum wage and the introduction the Standing Rules Act.

The freshman council was originally allotted $400 according to the Budget Authorization Act of 2019. Senator Andrew Florence attempted to increase the total allotted amount for the council to $1,100 by cutting funds from the reservations, student advancement commission and discretionary budgets.

Ultimately, the amendment to the act failed. However, Sen. Cody DeSalvo proposed to save the cuts being made to the reservations allotment, taking $400 dollars from discretionary funds and $50 dollars from the student advancement commission, increasing the total proposed budget for the freshman counsel to $850. Both DeSalvo’s amendment to the act and the act itself passed unanimously.

The “Living Wage Act,” which will set the minimum wage for students working on campus to $10 by spring 2020 and raise it to $15 by fall 2020 was passed 16-4.

The confirmation of Senator Matthew Gonzalez as the director of marketing and outreach was met by a nearly unanimous vote in favor of his appointment. Senator Matthew Gonzalez said during a brief break in the meeting that he has a plan to engage more students in the discourse taking place during Student Government meetings. One method he is using is switching the live streams platforms form Facebook to Twitter. He urged the student body and the public to watch the next live stream Sept. 23.

The “Standing Rules Act,” written by Sen. DeSalvo, consisted of an overhaul of the rules and regulations members of the Student Government adhere to during meetings and otherwise. The changes consist mostly of making the document gender neutral and eliminating dated and redundant committees. The extensiveness of the bill caused it to be tabled until the next meeting Sept. 23.

Student Government meetings are open to the public every Monday at 7 p.m. in the LBJ Teaching Theater.

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