The LBJ Student Center’s refresh is nearing its end.

After two years, construction on the LBJ Student Center is beginning to wrap up as the new south-side entrance and amphitheater are slated to open Jan. 21.

The developments are part of the university’s $30-million expansion to the facility passed in 2016 by a student-voted referendum. The expansion includes additional spaces for students, an updated look and expanded student and alumni spaces.

The newly-opened entrance will lead to the second floor of the building, meaning students will no longer be required to take a detour to enter LBJ.

LBJ Student Center Director Jack Rahman said he is excited for students to see the new developments.

“We are very happy to announce that our new south entrance to the LBJ Student Center will be open for the first day of school,” Rahman said.


Rebecca HarrellThe outdoor amphitheater stands in its original space leading down to the first floor of the student center complete with a center boardwalk level, artificial grass and surrounded by an accessible ramp.

Also complete, is the first floor renovations and entrance which will be a direct route to Starbucks, Chick-fil-a and Tu Taco. The new amphitheater will provide a much larger space for student performances and campus events, according to Rahman.

“The new amphitheater is a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy a coffee, drink or afternoon snack. You can sit in the shade or the sun, whichever suits you,” Rahman said. “To celebrate we will be passing out free commemorative t-shirts (at the grand opening ceremony) at the south entrance to all students as they enter the Student Center.”

In May, Texas State’s Alumni Association moved to the LBJ Student Center from the J.C. Kellam building as part of the new Alumni and Welcome Center. Assistant Alumni Director Kathryn Arnold said the Alumni Association is very pleased with their new location.

“Being positioned with the Welcome Center, it’s been great to see alumni whose students, friends or family members are coming back to campus or are touring campus pop in and say hello and learn more about the Alumni Association and demonstrate to students what kind of role they can have with the university after they graduate,” Arnold said.

The office—now double the size of their previous one—is located in a busy area of campus and includes a small library of archive images and old yearbooks. The location also has convenient parking in the LBJ parking garage and easy access to the campus bus stop.

“Parking for visitors was difficult for us, so having the LBJ garage right here has definitely helped,” Arnold said. “Being right off of the third-floor landing has made our ease of access so much better and visible.”

The bookstore also underwent changes during the construction, receiving a name change and a complete remodel.

Still on schedule to be completed next month is the Multicultural Center on the second floor, which will house the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion. The area will include a “Unity Lounge” for students to socialize and promote inclusion and a computer lab, according to Vice President of Student Affairs Joanne Smith.

“The (Multicultural Center) will be a good opportunity for people to come together and interact with each other particularly as the demographics of Texas State have changed over the last several years,” Smith said. An additional ballroom is also expected to be completed by June.

The completion of the LBJ Student Center is slated for May 2020.

Additional information about the expansion and future openings can be found on the LBJ Student Center website.

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