The San Marcos Post Office will be moving from its location at 210 S. Stagecoach Dr. to 900 Bugg Ln. effective Nov. 21, 2020, despite the San Marcos City Council passing a resolution against the relocation Oct. 7. San Marcos Mayor Jane Hughson said she did not believe this was a decision to meet citizens' needs.

After seven years at its current location, the San Marcos Post Office will move its retail services to a new location despite community outcry and the passing of a resolution by the San Marcos City Council opposing the relocation. 

The transition, including P.O. boxes and passport services, will conclude Nov. 23. The council's resolution, which passed Oct. 7, came after San Marcos residents expressed concern about moving the post office from its current location at 210 S. Stagecoach Trail to a new location at 900 Bugg Lane.

Community members expressed concerns with the busy nature of the intersection at the new location, and the strip center it will be located in which has experienced flooding in recent years.

The U.S. Postal Service originally informed the city of its intentions to relocate in February 2018, to which the city responded with a list of recommended locations. According to an announcement from USPS, it was searching for a location that was "as close as reasonably possible to the existing Post Office location." USPS media representative Beck Hernandez says the move was deemed necessary due to space restraints at the current location.

In November 2018, USPS held a public meeting, inviting residents to ask questions and voice their opinions about the relocation. In March 2019, USPS notified the city that it selected the Bugg Lane location. San Marcos Mayor Jane Hughson says she believes the decision was not well-thought-out.

“We’ve told them [about citizens’ concerns] and they decided that this is the location that is going to meet their needs,” Hughson said. “Personally, I don’t think they’re going to have to be there very long to figure out this probably wasn’t their best bet.”

Because USPS is a federal agency, the council’s resolution is no more than a recommendation; it does not have the power to stop the relocation. Every member of the council voted against the move.

“I thought it was already in a bad spot, and the new location is even worse,” said Maxfield Baker, Place 1 councilmember.

Some San Marcos residents, like Kelly Arthur, say they will be searching for other alternatives once the post office moves. Arthur says many parts of the current post office, such as the drive-up drop boxes, are in need of repair. However, she says she would rather see the post office fix the issues than relocate.

“At least right now it’s tucked away, and there’s no traffic,” Arthur said. “If it moves over to Bugg Lane, I won’t even bother with it just because it is very congested, and there’s a lot of accidents there.”

In addition to concerns about traffic, San Marcos resident Carl Furry feels the direction of the move does not accurately reflect the needs of San Marcos residents.

“Traffic at that I-35 intersection can be abysmal at times,” Furry said. “If I’m not mistaken, the city is growing toward the south, so I guess I don’t see the logic in moving the post office further north and east.”

The San Marcos Post Office and Postmaster could not be reached for comment.

The Stagecoach location will remain open through Nov. 20, after which all retail services will be unavailable for two days until the new location opens.

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