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Political science freshman Ava Stuart (middle) addresses Director of Auxiliary Services John Root and Chartwells Resident District Manager Chin-Hong Chua (left) Oct. 14 at the Student Government meeting in the LBJ Ballroom.

Editor’s note: The following article was updated to contextualize the “homophobic act” members of Student Government directly referenced. 

Student Government emit S.S.R. A Resolution Condemning the Homophobic Actions of Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas State a “simple resolution” in response to a “homophobic” act on campus last week.

Order of the day included Student Senator Colton Halter immediately calling on the simple resolution condemning homophobic actions of Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas State.

The “homophobic act” Student Government members referenced was organized by the Texas State chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas Oct. 8, 2019. Members of the YCT encouraged students to come out as conservative on a “liberal” campus.


The Simple Resolution disapproves of the student organization for violating the shared values of Texas State and expression of homophobia and bias.

Student Government President Corey Benbow said the homophobic event that occured last week involving YCT calls for action, considering the fact the political group affected other students in an offensive manner.

“If we are not going to take strong steps toward the ounce of things happening on our campus that affect our student body then why are we here? What are we doing?” Benbow said.

Benbow said the mockery and offensive acts toward the LGBTQ+ community do not reflect campus values and need to be condemned.

Guest speakers at the meeting, Chartwells Resident District Manager Chin-Hong Chua and Chartwells Marketing Director Steven Granados, spoke about the new meal plans in detail and compared them to the previous school year.

Capacity issues in dining halls, brand-name food establishments on campus and plans of future enhancements were topics addressed.

Granados recapped projects like the Satellite Retail Dining being implemented, McCoy Cafe completion and Alkek Starbucks coming spring 2020.

Food Insecurity Efforts has gone into effect, helping Texas State students have easier access to food on campus. A total of $2,003 was donated April 25, related to the efforts.

Student Government Vice President Tucker Thompson announced free menstrual products are now available in pre-determine bathrooms on campus with the exception of Harris Dining Hall. Thompson said he will have to speak with the HRLS building to see the available date.

Additionally, Thompson announced Student Government Diversity Week: Living in Our Truth, will hold events dedicated to providing opportunities for students on campus to grow closer together as a whole. Diversity week will be held Oct. 25-Nov. 3; it acknowledges the incorporation of ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation (identity & expression), ability, religion, country of origin and veteran’s status.

Student Government meetings are held every Monday night at 7 p.m. and are open to the public. Visit Student Government’s website for more information.

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