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Student Government hearing from Human Environmental Animal Team President Callie Smith and Vice President Leah Bach (standing) during its Feb. 17 meeting in the LBJ Student Center.

Student Government passed a resolution to implement compost bins on campus during its Feb. 17 meeting.

Two guest groups spoke to Student Government about their organizations. Jaime Elliot, from Student Housing, spoke first and wished to raise awareness for an event Student Housing is hosting. He promoted an offer that if 10 students within Student Government sign to either The Edge, The Lodge, The Villagio or The Junction, Student Housing will donate 1000 dollars to Student Government.

Callie Smith and Leah Bach, president and vice president of Human Environmental Animal Team, advertised their plan to host a “fun-run” for clothes donations. Participants will strip down to their swimsuits during their run and end at the San Marcos River. Smith and Bach emphasized that the run is open to non-members of HEAT, and welcomed Student Government to attend.

Next, during the Cabinet Report, early voting is urged by Student Government Director of Student Services Catherine Wicker.

A Resolution in Support of Reinstalling Post-Consumer Compost Bins and Shadowboxes at all Texas State Dining Locations advocates for compost bins in many on-campus locations to reduce waste throughout campus. With a unanimous yes, the motion passed.

Concerns over the cost of the institution of compost bins were voiced by members. The main expense for the bins will be specific and instructional labeling.

“Getting the labeling right would be the main source of cost,” Director of Government Affairs Eduardo Camargo said. “If this works it will have enough of an impact.”

The last item of Old Business is the Chief Justice’s Report. Senator Halter’s court hearing over his probable impeachment was discussed. Halter, after the court hearing, was acquitted of all charges under Article II and III. Halter, under Article I, must attend a Standards Review to determine the remedy for his tweet about Greg Abbott.

No New Business was on the agenda.

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