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Texas State's Student Government Senate held its final meeting of the spring session on April 6, ushering out the current executive administration.

In the last Senate meeting for both Student Body President Catching Valentinis-Dee and Student Body Vice President Andrew Florence, two resolutions passed unanimously.

Both Valentinis-Dee and Florence spoke on the accomplishments and difficulties their administration faced, the former focusing on the sudden change brought on by COVID-19. Sen. Andrew Gryce and Senate Leader Quintin Lorenz succeed the current president and vice president, respectively, on April 19. Florence’s farewell address is available on the Student Government Twitter

A resolution written by Sen. Joseph Reed calling on Chartwells Dining Services, Texas State's on-campus food provider, to reduce the price of concessions at athletic events passed 28-0. Reed says he has spoken with officials at Chartwells on the matter and thinks a promotion rotating beer brands for sale at a discounted price per game may be in the works.

Reed's second legislation of the night, and the final passed under the Valentinis-Dee - Florence administration, seeks to expand the qualifications for a Student Government scholarship. The resolution allows students who already receive need-based grants and scholarships to apply for Student Government scholarships, as Chapter 302, Article II, Section 1, Paragraph (e) of the Code of Laws prevented it.

All Student Government meetings and resolutions can be accessed by visiting the Student Government website.

Editor's Note: The University Star has taken notice of consistent lower voter turnout in Student Government elections and thoroughly examined the actions of the current governing body. To provide students the most relevant information that directly impacts them, The Star will no longer give credibility to actions it deems irrelevant to students, such as but not limited to: Resolutions the university administration cannot act upon, back and forth disputes between representatives that do not directly impact the student body and symbolic actions taken only to incite outrage in others.

The Texas State University System notes the following about Student Government: "The student government on each campus shall be a recognized forum of student opinion.

7.21 When a student government takes a position on issues directly related to a Component and its operations, it shall forward its recommendations to the Chief Student Affairs Officer and the President.

7.22 When a student government takes a position on non-Component issues, it shall make clear the fact that it does not speak for the Component."

Component = institution (Texas State)

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