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Student Government senators vote on an amendment to a resolution during a regular meeting, Monday, Sept. 28, 2020, over Zoom.

The Student Government Senate had its second-to-last regular meeting of the semester Nov. 23, focusing on the spring semester and hiring of new members.

Vice President Andrew Florence asked senators with legislation to work with the end of the semester in mind and consider waiting until the spring or motioning to make items emergency at the last Nov. 30 meeting.

Making an item emergency will allow the Senate to read and vote on a piece of legislation on the same day.

Parliamentarian Cody DeSalvo says he has a few pieces of legislation in the works and expressed a need for feedback from his peers – particularly regarding a resolution calling for Texas State to implement a fall break in the coming years.

“If we add a fall break to the calendar – two or three days – we have to make those days up,” DeSalvo said, explaining that even if the university adds a break, there still has to be the same number of total instructional days in the calendar.

DeSalvo says he plans to conduct internal polls within the Senate before presenting the legislation to university officials.

Senator Matthew Smith, chairperson of the Auxiliary Services Committee, identified the influx of new senators in the Senate and invited them to join the committee.

“The Auxiliary Services Committee is starting to get lower on membership,” Smith said. “It’s down to like three of us, so if any of you all are interested in joining that, I highly encourage you to email Vice President Florence and he’ll add you to our committee."

The Auxiliary Services Committee meets Wednesdays at 3 p.m. and focuses on writing legislation related to the University Bookstore, Dining Services, Student ID Services, Copy Cats and Print and Mail services, as laid out in the Student Government Code of Laws.

There were two items on the agenda: The confirmation of Brett Leopold into the position of senator-at-large and a resolution negating unexcused absences and tardies for Senator Joseph Reed, whose resident assistant meetings conflicted with that of the Senate. Both items were read, voted on and passed with a majority.

The Student Government Senate will be having its last meeting Nov. 30. All meetings are open to the public and can be accessed by visiting the Student Government website.

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