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Over the years, Student Government has turned from the voice of university students to a complete laughing stock. The institution that it once was held great persuasion and respect throughout the university.

In my opinion, it is now a complete comedy show, and the audience is the university administration. This saddens me because this thing that is supposed to represent the student body voice, my voice, your voice, is instead — because of past years of scandal and conflict — a large majority of people who favor extreme partisan political ideals, some of which HIGHLY disrespect minority students.

There is now a tight lock as to who is allowed in Student Government by those who control the Senate, appointing those who they think will vote in their favor and not even considering those who won't. It has expelled a senator with no evidence of high violations against the Student Government Constitution & Code only because, behind closed doors, senators disagree with his viewpoints.

Student Government should be the institution that works on behalf of all students, and those within it should work and learn together on how to better the student body. This hasn't happened in quite some time. So, I implore the University Administration, The University Star, the Student Body — yes, that includes you who is reading this — to come together and make a stance to change the group of what is now called Student Government to what it's meant to be: An organization made of and for students.

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