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I just watched Jaden’s documentary “First Black” and it is wonderfully done. However, it is inaccurate in one place. The first Strutter top officer was Brittany Hunter. You can argue semantics, but by not recognizing her you are diminishing her role in the Strutter organization. A role that she worked extremely hard for and during her time as top officer she led with grace and pride. By saying that since she was not given the EXACT title of Head Captain you are saying it did not count. I am here to say it most certainly did count and anyone who served under her knows that it counted! I am a former Strutter and Head Captain myself so this is very disheartening that not only did you, as a journalist, not do your research but that someone who should know better went along with it. As anyone who has been involved in the dance world knows, the head officer can be named a multitude of things (and yes Strutters is not exempt – when I was a freshman line member and then a sophomore lieutenant the title of top officer was called Colonel) so whether or not the actual title was Head Captain or she shared the top ranking with another person is irrelevant she was the TOP OFFICER. I want you to think about how you would feel if someone came along and diminished your earned contributions just because it was called something different. Brittany deserves recognition for her representation of Texas State during her time on campus and since graduating.

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