Dear Editor,

As we all know, food insecurity is a huge problem that many Americans face every day and it is sad to say it is happening to our students at this university as well. Many students who do not make ends meet fall short when it comes to eating a properly balanced diet. I discovered last semester that this campus offers an on-campus food pantry for students, which is another great resource for students to choose from. According to one of your published stories, San Marcos is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, but I do want to propose one thing: the dining halls and cafeterias at Texas State University should offer leftover meals from that day’s menu to students at no charge. It can be from any of the vendors on campus. The majority of the food will eventually be tossed in the trash and hauled over to a landfill. Instead, it can go to students that do not have a meal that night so they do not have to worry about when they will have a hot meal next. Students face adversity every day with high tuition, books, housing and basic necessities. Many students spend many late hours at Alkek library to get ahead in their classes or study for their final exams, and some students go without eating a proper meal. Having a balanced diet can help a student focus on his or her classes and overcome challenges they face in school. A meal shouldn’t be one of those challenges. I do hope one day Texas State University can offer students hot leftover meals at no charge from the dining halls or cafeterias.

J. Del Valle is a mass communications major

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