The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the center of attention for decades and will most likely continue to be for quite some time. A crucial piece of the history of this issue is the existence of some problematic people that reside in Palestine. Although an astounding number of people believe Palestine to be a victim, I believe otherwise.

While Israel has not been willing to recognize Palestine, the Palestinians and other bordering countries have also chosen to not recognize Israel as a Jewish state with the right to exist. In fact, in 1967 eight separate countries – among them, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon – declared their ‘3 no’s’ for Israel; no peace, no negotiations, and no recognition.

A previous United Nations report had confirmed that Hamas, a terrorist group founded to liberate Palestine and establish an Islamic state, had been storing weapons such as rockets and other missiles. Missiles have also been found in numerous hospitals and mosques. These places are meant to be a place of sanctuary but are being used to house weapons.

To take aim at this situation, I find it imperative there be a solution to this ongoing problem. However, any new resolution should not come from Israel, but Palestine. After breaking six different treaties they should be the ones to step up to the plate and suggest a solution that both sides should see through. Israel has put in much effort for the opportunity to have peace, such as when it gave land to Egypt in 1979 in exchange for a peace treaty.

A solution between the two countries should not only ensure both nations acknowledge each other’s rights, but also their spaces. For years, Palestinians have gone to extremes to eradicate the Jewish state, and have chosen to look towards suicide bombing, stabbing and kidnapping to do so. Just in 2017 alone, at least 200 attacks have been thwarted by the Israeli Defense Forces. It is crucial for people to see that while there may be extremists from the Israeli side, terrorism is not rewarded like it is in Palestine.

What the world may make of this is hard to say, when two extreme opposing sides exist. However, one thing that people can unite around globally is the need for peace. While that may not exist as of now, it is hopefully not too far out of reach.

– Katelyn Moriarty is a political science sophomore

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