Hey all and welcome to another episode of The Star Sitdown! In today's episode our guest is Eugene Lee. Lee's a Texas State University Alumni and has had a successful career in acting, directing, and writing with over 200 credits to his name. Lee is also the Artistic Director of the Black and Latino Playwright Celebration at Texas State. Today, Lee and I discuss his vast career of over 40 years and his experience teaching students at Texas State University.

This episode was edited by Podcast Contributor Zoe Fein.

The Star Sitdown is a weekly podcast hosted by Podcast Editor Kim Davis Jr. highlighting interesting people and topics throughout the Texas State and San Marcos community.

Eugene Lee:




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0:00 - Intro

0:53 - Who is Eugene Lee

4:30 - The beginning of Lee’s career

8:13 – Lee’s goal of being the president of the United States

10:58 – Lee’s time in Los Angeles

13:23 – Lee’s time in New York

15:23 – The Negro Ensemble Company

23:37 – The Importance of Black Art

25:54 – Lee’s return to Texas State University

29:53 – Becoming the Artistic Director of the Black and Latino Playwright Celebration

32:48 – The importance of being the Artistic Director

40:04 – The change of diversity in entertainment

45:27 – Advice for young Black and Latino artist

49:49 – Upcoming projects

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