We're back with a fresh episode of The Star Sitdown. Today, our guest is Andrew "Sports Prez" Zimmel. Zimmel graduated from Texas State in spring of 2020 and is currently the Production Coordinator at KDKT Sports Radio in North Dakota. In this episode we spoke about legalized gambling in sports, different sports broadcasters and the origins of the "Sports Prez."

This episode was edited by Podcast Producer Zoe Fein

The Star Sitdown is a weekly podcast hosted by Podcast Editor Kim Davis Jr. highlighting interesting people and topics throughout the Texas State and San Marcos community.

Andrew "Sports Prez" Zimmel:





0:00 – Intro

1:03 – University Star’s TIPA Awards

2:17 – The history behind “Sports Prez”

4:07 – Andrew Zimmel’s passion for sports

6:48 – Gambling in sports

9:14 – Levels of sports analysis

11:06 – The absurdity of sports takes

15:13 – Andrew Zimmel’s sport broadcast journey

20:33 – Being multifaceted.

22:00 – Reflecting on college

26:41 – Podcasting advice

27:30 – Making comparisons in life

33:06 – “Every white guy either decides to do comedy or a podcast”

37:09 – The art of talking

39:29 – Talented sports broadcaster

42:08 – The timetable for success

45:36 – Providing resources for others

52:16 – Similarities between Zimmel and Davis

54:48 – Zimmel’s first podcast

55:30 – Family sharing creator’s content

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