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Freshmen hitters Matilda Cederholm and Halle Whitney of the Texas State women's golf team competed at the Kissing Tree Invitational held at the Kissing Tree Golf Club in San Marcos.

Rounds one and two took place Nov. 1, and the final round was played Nov. 2.

The competition included Baylor University, the University of Houston, University of the Incarnate Word, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Oklahoma State University, Texas Christian University, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Tulane University and the University of Texas at San Antonio.

In addition to student-athletes, the tournament was also open to golfers not attached to a university.

Top 15 scores:

1. Lianna Bailey (202, -14) - Oklahoma State

T2. Elodie Chapelet (203, -13) - Baylor

T2. Isabella Fierro (203, -13) - Oklahoma State

T4. Kate Smith (208, -8) - Unattached

T4. Sofia Garcia (208, -8) - Texas Tech

6. Lois Lau (210, -6) - Texas Christian

7. Trinity King (211, -5) - Texas Christian

8. Britta Snyder (212, -4) - Baylor

T9. Maja Stark (213, -3) - Oklahoma State

T9. Rina Tatematsu (213, -3) - Oklahoma State

11. Nicole Polivchak (214, -2) - Unattached

T12. Diane Baillieux (215, -1) - Baylor

T12. Rosie Belsham (215, -1) - Baylor

14. Ariana Saenz (216, 0) - Unattached

T15. Jennie Park (217, +1) - Texas Christian

T15. Matilda Cederholm (217, +1) - Texas State

After one round, Cederholm (72, 0) was tied for 17th. Cederholm had nine total birdies in the first round, including four on the back nine. Whitney (79, +7) tied for 40th to end the first round.

Moving onto the second round, Cederholm played great, hitting two under par for 70 (142, -2 overall) and jumped into ninth place, tying with TCU sophomore Trinity King. Cederholm had four birdies in the second round.

Whitney hit three over par for 75 (154, +10 overall) and moved one spot down to 41st place to end the second round. Whitney had four birdies in the second, three of which came on the front nine.

Completing the third and final round, Cederholm hit three over par for 75 (217, +1 overall) and had four birdies, finishing tied for 15th. This is her first top 15 finish of her collegiate career.

Whitney finished strong, hitting two over par for 74 (228, +12 overall) and moved up to 39th place tying with Baylor freshman Anika Veintemilla and the unattached Delaney Martin. Whitney also had four birdies in the final round.

OSU junior Lianna Bailey (202, -14) led all hitters over the weekend.

Texas State rival UTSA sent three players unattached for competition. UTSA is not officially beginning its season until February, so this competition will not count toward the Roadrunners' ranking. All three UTSA players placed in the top 20 on the leaderboard. Junior Nicole Polivchak (214, -2) placed 11th. Freshman Camryn Carreon (218, +2) and junior Ana Gonzalez (218, +2) both tied for 17th.

This will conclude the Bobcats’ fall session of their season. The start of the spring portion begins Feb. 8-9 at Plum Creek Golf Course in Kyle, Texas.

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