The Texas State Women’s tennis team suffered a 4-1 loss against Louisiana Tech after a four hour delay due to drying the courts from rainfall at the Louisiana Tech Tennis Complex.


The only point for the Bobcats was decided from a 6-4 win in the team doubles play by Ana Perez, junior, and partner Julia Navajo-Melendez, junior. The two defeated Louisiana Tech’s Andrea Perez-Lopez and Paulina Cota after both teams split the first two matches.


Texas State received the first win on court two from Rishona Israel-Lewis, freshman, and Alex Jones, senior, after coming back to defeat Karla De La Luz and Nadja Manjon with a score of 7-5. 


Partners, Joy Chia Ming Ming, junior, and Sofia Murcia-Rodriguea, freshman, dropped first in the third match to Claudia Oravcova and Sonia Chen.


Due to only having three courts available, the teams played three single matches at a time.

In the singles matches, Jones suffered a 7-5, 6-0 loss to Sonia Chen on court three.


Next, Perez took a 6-3,6-2 loss to Perez-Lopez in the No. 1 match. The win gave the Lady Techsters the 2-1 lead over the Bobcats.


Navajo-Melendez got the first win against Nadja Manjon with a 6-3 score, but then lost the final two matches by the same score and that gave the Lady Techsters three straight wins in the singles match.


Louisiana Tech closed the day with a 6-3, 6-1 victory over Chia Ming Ming in the No.4 match.


The loss to Louisiana Tech drops the Bobcats to a 0-4 record on the season. Louisiana Tech advances to a 2-3 record for their season. The Bobcats Women’s tennis team hopes to reach their first victory this spring when they travel to Northwestern State Monday, Feb. 19. The first match begins at 11 a.m.

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