Guerrero_cb_March 3, 2018

Alejandra Guerrero, manager at Monkies Vintage, poses at the check out counter.

Photo by Constunce Brantley | Lifestyle Reporter

“My favorite thing to do has been style, I love styling. I started sewing my own stuff. I started really getting to know vintage (clothing) and that’s where I really started to get down to the nitty-gritty of vintage. So now I can take a piece and I can date it back to its country of origin or if it was made in a time of war. Every garment has a story and I can take it down to the decade. You know, there is a reason why there was only a certain amount of fabric put into this garment because maybe there was scarcity or maybe it’s a certain length because there was war or some regulations. I think that’s really me, that’s the coolest thing that I have developed. Because now I have a passion for it and I have gone and really studied a lot of garments and studied how to preserve them and date them back.”

Alejandra Guerrero is a stylist, designer, independent vintage retailer and manager at Monkies Vintage in San Marcos.

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